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Work Overview

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Please Note: We will be Closed between January 26th - February 3rd, 2015

Reopen for Business: February 4, 2015, 10am - 4pm


We specialize in repairs on broken, cracked, chipped or missing pieces from items such as:

bulletantiques  bulletironstone bulletart bulletivory bulletartifacts bulletjade bulletchina, bone china & porcelain bulletornaments bulletclay bulletoriental pieces bulletcloisonné bulletpottery, ceramics & earthenware  bulletcollectables bulletsculptures bulletcontemporary items bulletsoapstone bulletcrystal bulletstoneware bulletfigurines

The most commonly repaired and restored types of items we work with include:  figurines, vases, sculptures, lamps, candle holders & candelabras, glasses (crystal & glass), bowls, decorative art, wash basins with jugs, flower arrangements, ash trays, dishes, heirlooms, ornaments and antiques.

We work on:

crystal, china, ceramics, pottery, bone china, inronstoen, ivory, jade, soapstone, cloisonné

We repair:

art and ornaments, artifacts, collectables, antiques, contemporary items, figures, vases, dolls and dishes

We work for:

the general public, collectors, antique stores, museums, cleaning agents and companies, galleries, moving companies, and insurance companies

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We do repairs on items that are chipped, broken, cracked, and have missing pieces.   

Basic Repair

bulletput pieces together bulletfill up chips bulletcolor touch-up bulletthe line will show

Invisible Repair

bulletput pieces together bulletfill up chips bulletcolor touch-up bulletinvisibly glaze as best possible with the design and pattern(s) reconstructed bulletit will be strictly ornamental and cannot be put in hot water, the dishwasher or sunlight bulletmust be cleaned/washed with soapy dish water only bulletthe price is approximately double from that of a basic repair

We have worked on many leading manufacturers from many countries:  

England & Wales:  Worcester, Royal Doulton, Lambeth, Minton, Chelsea, Wedgwood Wares, Derby, Coalport, Moorcroft, Adderly, Staffordshire, Devon
Ireland: Belleek
France: Paris, Sceaux, Sevrés, Quimder
Germany: Meissen, Dresden, German Bisque, Kaiser, Hummel
Austria: Beer Mugs, Vienna Porcelain
Hungary: Herend, Zsolnai
Spain: Llyadro
Sweden: Marieberg
Holland: Weesp, Hague, Delft Blau
Denmark: Copenhagen
Switzerland: Zurich, Nylon
Belgium, Scotland & Italy: Capo-Di-Monte, Nove
Russia: Russian Fine China,
Asia: Chinese & Japanese pieces, Jades, Ming Reign, Ch'ing Reign,
American: Rookwood, Rosenthal



We do broken and chipped crystal and glass grinding on: art, ornaments, figurines, crystal, stemware, lamps, antiques, goblets, plates, candle holders, chandalliers, candlelabras, decanters, stoppers, vases, bowls and beer mugs. 

We can do repairs on items that are chipped, cracked or broken.

bulletgrind it off bulletpolish bulletput it together bulletfill up chips bulleta fine line will show

We have worked on leading manufacturers including: Swarowski, Royal Doulton, Lallique, Bohemia, Rosenthal, Murano, Wedgwood, Stuart Crystal, Waterford, Edinburgh, Bacharet, Venatien and many more.



If you have an item you would like repaired:

bulletPlease bring your item in for a free estimate.  Every damaged item we repair is unique and different, therefore we are unable to give average price estimates over the phone or through the internet.   
 bulletPlease do not try to glue or temporarily fix the item yourself before bringing it in (we can still repair items that have been glued, but it saves a lot of time, work and cost if it is not).
Please bring all the pieces to the store, even extremely small pieces that you think may not be useful.

* On occasion we accept items for repair, sent to us by parcel.  If you decide to mail in your item for repairs, please make sure you wrap the pieces individually as best possible, and double box it.  Please ensure that you include your full name, address and phone number so we can contact you regarding the repairs. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for damages to or from the store during shipping.  After we receive your parcel, we will call you and provide an estimate for the repairs.  We cannot provide estimates until we see the item.




Last updated January 2015